Pretoria East Trophy Register

A dictionary definition of a trophy is “a memento or souvenir, e.g. a deer’s antlers, taken in hunting”. Just because the horns of an animal you have hunted do not make the minimum of a recognised measurement system like Rowland Ward, SCI or SAHGCA does not mean that it is not a trophy. Any horns, tusks etc that you intend to keep is essentially a memento to you of your hunt and is YOUR trophy.

We want to get these trophies measured and entered into a PTA East SAHGCA Register specifically for PTA East SAHGCA branch members. We will set a new lower minimum of 80% of the SAHGCA (and Rowland Ward) minimums for each species. Any trophy with measurements equal to or exceeding these minimums will be added to the register. One may argue that there should then be no minimum set for trophies. We would not however want to register immature or juvenile animals. An 80% cut-off will generally ensure that only mature, representative specimens are registered into the branch trophy register.

All trophies meeting the PTA East requirements will be entered into the PTA East Register but those making the SAHGCA minimums will also be submitted for registration into the SAHGCA trophy register.

We will introduce recognition awards for “New Trophies” at our annual year end functions in categories similar to those used by the national office.

  • Hunting Trophy of the Year for Seniors and Juniors. This recognises the best trophy of the year across all species.
  • Species Trophy of the Year. The best specimen in each species registered will be recognised
  • Species Trophy of the Year. Recognises the new largest trophy across all species.

We will have a qualified measurer at each branch social so bring your old and new trophies to any of these occasions and have them registered. Remember that old trophies do not need any documentation but new trophies will require proof that the trophy was legally hunted.

Please see the attached document with all the current trophies that are registered with Pretoria East branch.


Download this file (PTA East Trophy Register 2019.pdf)PTA East Trophy Register 2019.pdf[ ]68 kB

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